Used Motor Oil and Filter Recycling

DID YOU KNOW? GreenWaste of Tehama customers (City of Red Bluff, City of Tehama and unincorporated County) can place their used motor oil in a secure screw-top one gallon container labeled “Used Motor Oil” NEXT to your recycling bin/cart on recycling week? Yes, it is that EASY!

GreenWaste of Tehama customers can also drain your oil filters, place them in a zippered plastic bag, and place the bag NEXT to your recycling bin/cart on recycling week.

City of Corning residents or those that self-haul their waste can drop off their used motor oil and filters at the following locations:

Local Used Oil & Filter Recycling Facilities

​How often should I change my oil?

The 3,000 mile/3 month interval is not necessarily the case. Check out your Owner’s Manual for specific information. You can also click the link below to find your recommended oil change interval.

Recommended Oil Change Interval


Oil can be cleaned and refined over and over. Reprocessed oil meets or exceeds all specifications for use as engine oil.

Oil, even clean oil, has serious effects on water. It changes water in ways that prevent oxygen from dissolving in the water so fish and invertebrates are unable to breathe. It changes the way water moves and it changes the tension of the water so creatures like water striders have a have a harder time moving on the surface. Oil that sinks to the bottom of a body of water takes years to decompose and causes reproductive damage and organ damage to plants and animals that live there for years to come.

Oil is a rich energy source for microbes and algae. They take even more of the nutrients and oxygen away from fish and other wildlife that live in clean water.

An oil slick contaminating one million gallons of drinking water can develop from a single oil change!

Used Oil and Filter Television Advertising Campaign

Did you know? It is illegal to dump oil into storm drains, waterways, on soil, or to try to sneak it into landfills.

Yet every year 363 Million gallons of oil end up in Earth’s oceans because it was dumped down drains. Compare that amount with 37 Million gallons spilled when oil tankers break up at sea. We dump enough oil into drains to pollute almost 1.5 BILLION gallons of drinking water a year! We have no substitute for water. There is no place else to live except  Earth.

Find these oil facts and more online here.

Our country needs to conserve every bit of oil. Our energy independence and national security depend on our wise use of this resource. By recycling oil, we reduce our dependence on foreign supplies.

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