Microchip Implants

Why Microchip

  1. Positive identification that cannot be lost, falsified or altered is essential to reuniting lost pets with their families. While tags can become lost or damaged, microchips provide permanent identification that cannot be changed.
  2. Microchipping is simple and non-surgical. Once implanted under the skin, veterinary offices, animal regulation agencies, and animal shelters can use microchip scanners to read the chips.
  3. Ensure your pet’s safety if they ever go missing.

Microchips are $15

The microchips we implant are automatically registered with the contact information you provide. You will also receive an email to verify this information and create an account.

Please call (530) 527-3439 to schedule your microchip appointment!

Pet already microchipped? Make sure it is registered with up to date information!

If you know your pets microchip number, contact your microchip company to verify the contact information on file. Don’t know which company to call? Look up your pet’s microchip number to find the correct company:


The Microchip
A microchip is approximately the size of a grain of rice. Microchips are injected beneath the skin with a needle, similar to a vaccination. There is no anesthesia needed, and even small animals (like puppies and kittens) can be safely microchipped.
How It Works
Each microchip has a unique code number. When a handheld microchip scanner is passed over the microchip, the scanner “reads” the microchip and displays its code number. Code numbers are stored in a national database where the owner’s contact information is maintained. Animal Care Agencies can then retrieve the owner information and help the pet get home. 
The Process
We will do a pre-scan to verify your pet does not already have a microchip. We will then record your new microchip identification and insert the microchip. Before sending the pet home, we will perform a test scan of the microchip.


A Microchip is Not a GPS Tracking System

Microchips cannot physically locate your pet if your pet goes missing. Microchips are radio frequency identification transponders that record a unqiue code, which is used to contact a pet’s owner in the event a pet is found. 
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