Tips on Finding Your Lost Animal


Think your pet is at the shelter? Call (530) 527-3439 immediately!

Strays are typically held 4-7 days before being placed up for adoption. 

Where to Start

  1. Report a lost animal with the stray holding facility in your area. (For anywhere in Tehama or Glenn County, that’s us!) The more thorough and accurate you are, the more likely they are to make a match. Include a photo of your animal whenever possible. Add a picture to any flyers you post, and email us a photo. Please include your name and your pet’s name, so we can add the photo to the correct report. See these sites for help identifying breeds and colors: dog breeds / cat color guide
  2. Begin looking immediately. Your own animal may continue to hide, even if they recognize you. Don’t assume that your animal will come to you right away. If they are nervous or scared, they may remain where they feel safe (or hidden). Try looking during quiet times (early morning, late evening); you are more likely to hear any responses from your animal.
  3. Spread the word about your lost pet. The more people who are aware of your lost animal, the better! Talk with neighbors and post fliers in your neighborhood and on public bulletin boards.
  4. Create a lost pet flyer. Include the animal’s name, age, size, breed, color, photo, the area where the pet went missing (city, major crossroads, etc.) and your contact info. Create a free flyer here!
  5. Post on sites like CraigslistPawboost, and Facebook Lost & Found pages.
  6. Contact nearby veterinary offices. Sometimes people post found information there or bring the animal in to be looked over or checked for a microchip.



Cats are especially good at hiding. Where possible, set live humane traps. Make sure you are using a trap large enough for your animal. Use a high quality canned cat food as bait. Make sure to check the trap at least every 12 hours. Don’t forget to check under bushes, cars, porches, in garages, sheds and wood piles, or any place else your pet might feel safe.

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