Public Guardian/Public Conservator

Public Guardian-Conservator

The Public Guardian-Conservator-Administrator provides mandated conservatorship and estate administration services as specified by the Probate Code and Welfare and Institution’s Code.

The Public Guardian-Conservator serves as conservator of a person and/or estate of individuals needing protective intervention. The two types of conservatorship, Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) and probate, can only be established by order of the superior court. LPS and Probate conservatorships include handling of basic personal and financial needs to people vulnerable to either physical, emotional or financial abuse or neglect. Assess the physical, mental and financial needs of the conservatee, developing a comprehensive care plan for immediate and long-term care, including locating and managing all assets and income. Achieved by collaborating with and advocating on behalf of the conservatee to government agencies, private parties, relatives and any other individual or entity. As LPS conservator, Public Conservators are responsible for directing the mental health treatment and placement of their clients. Referrals for probate conservatorship usually come from another community agency, institution, or physician.

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