Dry Wells

Please see the following website for information related to dry wells. There is water available for hauling to those people that have registered their dry well. 


Abandoned or Unused Wells

Anyone knowing the location of an abandoned or permanently inactive well is urged to Please
contact the Tehama County Environmental Health Department:

633 Washington street Rm. 36

Red Bluff, Ca. 96080

Phone  (530) 527-8020

Under California law it is a misdemeanor not to properly destroy an abandoned or permanently inactive well if:

It is dangerous to anyone legally on the premises, Or dangerous to any child under the age of 12
or, It constitutes a pathway for groundwater pollution, contamination, or poor water quality through vertical movement of water.

Tehama County Code Chapter 9.42 states:

A well that is no longer useful (including exploration and test holes) shall be destroyed in order to:           

1.  Assure that the groundwater supply is protected and preserved for future use;

2.  Eliminate potential physical hazard.

Abatement of abandoned wells.

All persons owning an abandoned well as defined in this chapter, except those excluded by California Health and Safety Code Section 24440, shall destroy it according to the standards contained in this article.

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