Pesticide Licensing & Registration


Pest Control Operators in the state of California must be licensed by the state and registered in the county (or counties) in which they operate.

There are three categories of Pest Control Operators:  Agricultural Pest Control Operator,  Structural Pest Control Operator,  Maintenance Gardener

Information on becoming licensed or certified in one of these areas is available on the California Department of Pesticide Regulations website.  Exam schedules, forms, lists of currently licensed operators as well as other types of information can be found there.

Agricultural Pest Control Operator

To register as an Agricultural Pest Control Operator in Tehama County you will need the following:

Structural Pest Control Operator

To register as a Structural Pest Control Operator, you will need the following:  

Maintenance Gardener

To register as a Maintenance Gardener (maintenance gardeners = those who do pest control work that is incidental to the operator’s main or maintenance activities – must obtain a Qualified Applicator Certificate), you will need the following:  

Additional Categories

Additional categories of Pest Control work requiring county registration:

Agricultural pest Control Advisor, you will need:  

Pest Control Aircraft Pilot, you will need:  

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