Consolidated Debris Removal Program

To all Tehama County Dixie and McFarland Fire Survivors:
To get help cleaning and clearing your burned property, you must sign a Right-of-Entry form for the Consolidated Debris Removal Program. In this program, state contractors will clear your property and haul away all burn debris, including tree removal. If you choose NOT to participate in this state program, you are still responsible for cleaning and clearing your property. To clean your property yourself, you must enroll in the Alternative Fire Debris Removal Program. Properties in the Alternative Program will be held to the same clean-up standards, including metals and other contaminant testing, as properties in the state-run program.

Please see the link below for FAQs, a letter explaining the Consolidated Debris Removal Program and the Right of Entry form.

All forms are due by November 1st with an absolute end-date of November 15th.


ROE Cover page 10.21

Right of Entry Form

Entering Property After a Fire

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