Juvenile Justice Commission

Juvenile Justice Commission

In accordance with the provisions of the W&I Code and the Penal Code, the Commission has the following statutory duties and authority:

To inspect no less frequently than once a year all publicly administered institutions, including Juvenile Hall and Ranch facilities, authorized or whose use is authorized by the Juvenile Court Law, Chapter 2 (beginning with Section 200) of Division 2 of the Welfare and Institutions Code, and inspect annually any jail or lockup within the County that is used for confinement of any minor for more than 24 hours, and to report the results of such inspection in writing to the Juvenile Court and to the California Corrections Standards Authority. (W&I Code 229)

To inquire into the administration of juvenile justice in a broad sense, including, but not limited to, operations of the Juvenile Court, Probation Department, Social Services Agency and any other agencies involved with juvenile justice or dependency. (W&I Code 229)

To publicize findings and recommendations as decided by the Commission. (W&I Code 230)

To assure that needed services are identified, developed, and provided for the children and youth of the County. (Various W&I Code Sections)

To inquire into the operation of any group home in the County that serves wards or dependent children of the Juvenile Court to review the safety and well-being of the wards and dependent children. (W&I Code 229.5)

To advise the California Corrections Standards Authority concerning security, rehabilitation programs, recreation, and treatment of persons confined in correctional facilities. (Penal Code 6030)

To consult with the Director of the Division of Juvenile Facilities of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation concerning the operation and maintenance of the Juvenile Hall. (W&I Code 1760.7)

How the Juvenile Justice Commission Can Help You:

The JJC has access to all juvenile facilities housing minors under the Court’s jurisdiction. The Commission investigates complaints from minors, parents and guardians. The JJC does not have access to staff personnel records and cannot use its positions to exert undue influence or obtain favors from the Court on behalf of any minor.

Contact Information:

(530) 727-7541


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